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How therapy can help 18th August 2022

Client issues I have worked with effectively include:

• Depression, loneliness and isolation.
• Lack of confidence and self-belief.
• Managing stress and anxiety.
• Problems with personal and professional relationships.
• Achieving an effective work/life balance.
• Facing challenges associated with illness.
• Dealing with changes in personal or working life.
• Support while completing studies.
• Bereavement and loss.
• Issues related to gender, sexuality and ethnicity.
• Trauma and abuse; unresolved family conflicts.
• Issues associated with growing up and ageing.
• Acquiring greater self-knowledge and awareness.

How psychotherapy works

If you are in need of support with any of these issues, psychotherapy can help by offering you a reliable and confidential relationship in a safe environment where you can speak about feelings and experiences that worry, frighten or shame you.

Psychotherapy can bring about a deeper awareness of yourself and your relationships. You can also gain a better understanding of recurrent difficulties through exploring - collaboratively with your therapist – how these are connected to your past. Throughout this process, it is likely that you will become increasingly conscious of tendencies to repeat unhelpful patterns of thought, feeling and behaviour, and also become more able to heal old wounds and make peace with the problems originating in the past.

It can be beneficial to work with a psychotherapist for even short periods: for example, if you wish to gain clarity when making a complex decision, or need coping strategies to manage a difficult mood/situation, or simply need support during times of transition or temporary upheaval.

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